Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cardboard Boxes in St Albans in 1898

 RelativeStrangers posted the following query on Rootsweb: I had a great aunt, Bessie Marsh who was working in a cardboard box factory in St Albans in 1898. At the time she lived in Bedford Road. Does anyone know the location of the box factory?
I replied as follows:
She probably worked for the Firm of Spence & Co, packing case makers, of Upper Dagnall St, St Albans. It appears to have been a short lived firm as while it is listed in 1895 it is not listed in St Albans (or elsewhere in Hertfordshire) in the 1890 and 1899 Kelly's Directory.

However the 1891 census lists a Frederick Spence living in London Road, St Albans, who had only recently moved to St Albans (he had a 2 year old child born n Luton). He was is described as a carpenter - and had a boarder who was a packing case maker.

Possibly Spence & Co made large cardboard boxes as well as wooden packing cases.

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  1. Just to update this thread...I recently had the following response...
    My grandad also used to work at the factory, it was owned by the family of Andrew, who used to reside at South Lodge Cunnynham Hill, St Albans. It was in Belmont Hill a road that led into Holywell Hill, he used to talk about a Bessie but we think she worked in the canteen but not sure.The factory was owned by Andrews @ Suiters the correct name was The British Cardboard Box Factory


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