Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just popping into Buckinghamshire to get married

While this site concentrates on Hertfordshire it is important to remember that, with the exception of parts of the rivers Lea and Stort, the county has no significant natural boundaries. Typically the county boundaries were based on tracks and hedgerows which formed the boundaries of Saxon estates over a thousand years ago.  Before the boundary was rationalised Ashridge House (centre of this map) was half in Hertfordshire and half in Buckinghamshire. 

From Cary's 1811 map of Hertfordshire
Most of the narrow finger of Buckinghamshire that runs down to Nettleden is part of the parish of Pitstone, Bucks, although some is actually a detached part of the parish of Ivinghoe, Bucks. Needless to say many of the people who lived in Nettledon preferred going to the nearby church of Great Gaddesdon, Hertfordshire.

What this means is that if you are to take researching your ancestors seriously you must remember that in some cases, when your ancestor crosses the county boundary to get married, his bride-to-be will be living in the house next door. So can you answer the question below the fold:
Can you name all the parishes which adjoin the parish where you ancestor lived?

If not perhaps you should look at the relevant pages on this web site, and a good map, as those parishes may provide vital clues to your ancestor's past.
This post was triggered by an update to Ashby, Aldbury, 19th century which involves a family of children baptised in Aldbury where there may be connections with  Ivinghoe, Great Gaddesden, Nettleden and Pitstone.

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