Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanks for your messages

I seem to have got a major traffic jam of things to do this weekend, so I am just mentioning a few items quickly, and am warning you that there may be some delays in posting replies to others over the coming week.

Deanne had a query about the patients admitted to Napsbury Hospital (basically admissions were of patients from Middlesex) but I have asked him for further information as I may be able to give him assistance in a case which appears to involve aliases.

Graham has written from Sydney to sat that as a result of the information on the Morrison family of Shenley he has met Ian (who lives outside Melbourne) and been in contact with others - shouwing how useful this site can be. His email also raises the point that if someone makes an anonymous comment on the newsletter it is not possible to contact them for a follow up.

Andy has pointed out that the building that housed the Star Inn, Baldock, can be seen in Google Street Views. It is worth remembering how useful they can be if the old building you are interested  in is still standing.

John asked about sending digital images for inclusion on this web site. Simply tell me what you want to send in a normal tell me message. Then send the images as an attachment to my reply. For security reasons I am not happy receiving emails with large attachments!.

I had another quest which simply asked about a name, birth date and the fact that he was said to come from Hertfordshire, without giving any background information - such as the approximate date of arrival on the other side of the Atlantic. If on reading this you think that a name and date is all that is needed try reading Right Name, Wrong Body.

I recently got a message about the History Book Corner. Most, if not all, of the books seem to have a U.S connection  - and are not directly relevant here. If you have experience of finding Hertfordshire material on the site please comment details, as I don't have time to investigate.

Mike tells me that Volume 2 of St Albans Own East End is now published.

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