Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blog Labels now available and other maintenance matters

The process of adding labels to most of the blog posts (apart from those mentioning events and administrative matters which are no longer relevant) and some standardization of the labels (such as combining "Territorial Force" and "Territorial Army" entries) had taken place and the result is a menu on the right of this page, which has been under test for several days.

In carrying out searches in connection with this site I occasionally find clear transcription errors in the FindMyPast census returns - and have used the links to get them corrected. So if you find any error in transcription why not submit a request for a correction.

I have updated the headers of all the author index pages to encourage people to request more information - about books and to donate review copies.

I check out all comments made to this blog and every week I have to report two or three for spam.- typically they euphemistically support one of my posts in worfs which give no evidence they actually have read it - and end up with a link to a commercial site. 

I have started an autumn "spring clean" to remove some of the dead leaves from the web site. For instance my off-line master copy of this web site contains a number of draft pages which for some reason were not completed at the time. In some cases the pages are actually on-line but could not be found because the necessary links had not been added. I am currently looking through these pages with a view to resurrecting those which contain material of interest and deleting the the rest. Most of the "missing pages will be appearing in November but the first, which links Tring Railway Station (at Aldbury) to the Maori Wars in New Zealand has already been posted.

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