Friday, May 16, 2014

Behind the Scenes Activity (Early May 2014)

In addition to the changes announced in the Newsletter there is always a lot going on behind the scenes. The following refer to the first two weeks in May.

Post Cards
New or improved images
unless otherwise stated a high resolution image is provided
Minor Place Page updates

New Publisher Link Pages:

Help Desk

Minor Queries and other emails

  • Advised Carol about the start of civil registration and suggested she would find details of the 1837 birth/baptism on
  • Advised Julie about a possible home for some old school magazines and a family bible
  • The census (especially if mis-transcribed) can cause problems and I suggested reasons why Kathy was confused.
  • Ev, a distant cousin, contacted me about an exchange of information about common ancestors. Unfortunately I did the research over 30 years ago on a computer which no longer exists. Part of the information is somewhere in boxes of computer listings buried in boxes at the back of the garage. ... ...
  • I don't have time to give a full answer to every enquiry and where appropriate I give preference to people who live a long way from Hertfordshire. As Lesley lived only a few miles from an excellent Hertfordshire Library with more relevant resources than I have, I suggested that a visit to the library would be more appropriate.
  • Contacted Dianne about the exhibition 'Bushey during the Great War' in August [Full details will be posted later]
  • Ian has provided a new link to the online account The Railway comes to Tring
A number of the above involve new or updated links to/from related pages. In addition there are some other "draft updates" already online which will be notified later this month.

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