Friday, May 30, 2014

Economy in the First World War (School Poem)

by I Farmborough

All thro' those awful Huns,
We can't get sugared buns,
We're not allowed to take
Our usual" dose" of cake.

And then again there's bread,
I daresay we've all read
How much we are allowed
To eat, no more we've vowed.

Then meat is just the same,
No matter what its name;
We're just allowed so much,
And more we must'nt touch.

The scarcity in eggs
(Our fowls won't bend their legs)
Requires us to forego
What wounded want, we know.

It all amounts to this:
Make not mere eating bliss;
Eat just enough to live,
The rest for England give.

  • Published in the Autumn 1917 issues of The Mortonia (a Dunstable girl's school magazine) in a section headed "A Little Budget of Poems from the Fourth"

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