Monday, May 12, 2014

I've posted my First World War life

The Lives of the First World War web site is now up and running - and I decided to test it out by posting information on Lt. Col. Adrian Charles Gordon. who was billeted in my mother's house, and who is described in my book "The London Gunners come to Town". If people use it it could be a useful archive - but at present most records have little more than the name.  Why not see if your ancestors or other relatives who fought in the war are there and fill in details - and add pictures. 

Access to the site is free - but there is an associated subscription service that lets you search various relevant data sets if you need them. In addition you may be frustrated that the software puts a limit of 1000 characters on a story - but if you cut and paste (as I do) the systems doesn't tell you of the limit in advance, and does not tell you how far over the limit you are. However adding images is very easy.

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