Sunday, May 25, 2014

Berkhamsted pages upgrades - 9 New post card views

High Street, Berkhamsted (by Hartmann)
The Berkhamsted pages have been "under construction" for some time, and there is a large backlog of views to be added. As a result I have upgraded the Berkhamsted Home Page - with better links to subject pages - which will make it easier to add further cards. I have already added four new/improved views from postcards by the published Hartmann and 4 by "LN" in the "Castle Series." In addition I have added another view of Berkhamsted Place.
High Street, Berkhamsted - from the Castle Series
As can be seen by the above example the "Castle Series" cards are very distinctive and the firm that produced them "LN" has not yet been properly identified, but may have been based in Northamptonshire. Let me know if you know of other cards with this distinctive border.

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