Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Genealogy in Hertfordshire" moved to new server

At about midday today the main site was moved to a new server. For most people this will make no difference, unless you try to send me a message - when you may get a system error report. There may also be delays in updating the site - although this Newsletter blog will be unaffected. In the long term the changes should lead to a better and more secure service.

These problems should be corrected in a day or two. As I have had a minor asthma attack followed by a head cold the temporary lack of your messages will be welcome at this end!

UPDATE  Friday 13th: The problems with the site are continuing (Ask Chris & Tell Me are not working - and I cannot update the site) and in addition I am still under the weather due toi a cold that has gone to my chest. Emails to me at and comments to this newsletter are still reaching me normally.

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