Friday, March 27, 2015

Investigating a HUDDLE gravestone from Watford, 1889

Sarah Huddle's gravestone
This cabinet card, by Frederick Downer of Watford, shows a newly laid out grave from 1889, also gives a negative number, helping me to date some of his other photographs.  I decided it would be interesting to discover more about Peter Huddle, who obviously could afford an expensive stone for his wife, and also about hi wife Sarah. I have therefore drafted a detailed Time Line for Peter Huddle and his wife Sarah.

It seems that Peter worked as a coachman before moving to Watford in 1865 to become licensee of the King Head Inn in Watford in 1865. This did not last long and he switched to becoming a fly proprietor, providing horses and carriages. He remained in Watford until he died.
Can anyone help me by explaining the meaning of "An Ordinary every Tuesday, at One o'clock precisely" in this advert?

If you know of other dated examples of Frederick Downer's work it would help me extend his biography. 

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