Monday, January 16, 2012

A Rothschild funded trip to Canada

Elizabeth's query about PANGBORN, Tring, 1868-1906 raised a lot of interesting points - some of which could be relevant to many who emigrated to Canada from Hertfordshire in the early 20th century. There can be little doubt that a book published by a Tring farmer will have encouraged many to emigrate, in some cases help by Rothschild money,

In the case of the Pangborn family there is the question of why Frederick returned to England leaving all but the youngest children in Canada - and who was the "Mrs Pangborn" who is listed on the ship manifest. 


  1. This looks very rum. Fredk Pangborn Butcher returned from Montréal in 1908 on the Montezuma arriving 1 December 1908. With him were Rose and Frederick. No sign of Miss Walmsley. Anthony

  2. Kelly's Directory for Essex 1912 list Frederick Pangborn, Coffee Rooms, 44 Barking Road, under Canning Town. This is the address on the 1911 census. Not sure you are right about Miss Walmsley from Barrow, Lincs. Not many that fit this description but there is a Rebecca who does and she appears in the 1891 census as a servant in London. Anthony

  3. I believe Fredericks youngest (Frederick) died at a very young age - his appendix burst (or so I was informed). This was soon after having my grandfather and his brother (Arthur and Gerald). He lived in Canada, though, so I wonder when he came back. I believe my Grandfather (Arthur) was born in Stanley, New Brunswick, Canada.

    Thus, my grandfather did not know much of family history. And sought long for information - finally making contact in England. He compiled a book which is left in my familys keeping.

    I have also heard that Frederick the Butcher was a cruel man. Also, that they may have lived in Halifax at one time.

    Kevin Pangborn


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