Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Post Card with a coded message

This card (which shows Apsley Church on the other side) was posted in Hammersmith on 30th April 1906 to Miss Evelyn R Allen (born 1892) of 74 Elm Grove Road, Barnes, S.W.

Can anyone break the code?


  1. It is in writen semaphore and as far as I can tell is says:
    dearest one
    got to the beths
    before nine
    we won by three to one
    cood nieht dear
    thy nenyc

    The last bit is confusing, not sure whether the writer made a few mistakes or me.

  2. Having now orientented the last couple of lines to match the underline I now interoperate the last three words as THY SEAVE SYD
    which is probably even more confusing, but is does give you a name.

  3. See


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