Sunday, December 28, 2014

XMAS Challenge 4: Who was the Abbot in the 1907 St Albans Pageant?

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The back of this card has the following words added "The Abbot and Monks of St Albans in 1380. The Peasants Revolt. Episode VI. Watford."  Now I know that Episode VI of the St Albans Pageant of 1907 was about the Peasants Revolt and the pageant involved people from other towns and villages - so did the Abbot and his monks come from Watford. I will donate £2 for each name of a monk (£5 if you can tie it to an individual in the picture) - the names may well be given in the programme or press reports.

link to bigger picture
The second card came from the same ebay seller and is by a Watford photographer and picture framer, C. A. Solomons. So could it also relate to the St Albans Pageant. Could the lady with the "sun"crown be Queen Boadicea? £5 if you can confirm it relates to the pageant (£10 if you can tie it to a different event) and £2 for each actor's name - increased to £5 if you can link the name with a face.

I would also be interested to know of other photographs of the pageant, or identified photographs by C. A. Solomons.

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If, between you, you can identify everyone this could result in me donating £50 tp support mental health work in Hertfordshire. And of course if you want to make a donation yourself - because you like the challenge, or have found this site useful over the year just click on the donation box..

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