Thursday, December 25, 2014

XMAS Challenge 1: A group of soldiers and civilians in St Albans(?) circa 1915

Xmas 2014 Challenge
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This picture was taken by L. L. Christmas from his St Albans address, suggesting a date of 1915 or later. It shows a mixed group of civilians and soldiers (3 different caps badges). Was this some kind of liaison committee with the four ladies being the clerical support? It is possible that the civilian men are either councilors or city employees and may be recognizable from other pictures.

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I will donate £5 each for the date, location and reason why the group were assembled and £5 for each face or cap badge recognized (£2 for names of the group not associated with particular faces.) Possible bonuses for a press report (or other contemporary documentation) or for information on other similar gatherings. Additional information on other photographs taken by L. L. Christmas also appreciated. (This could cost me over £100)

Challenge Rules - And of course if you want to make a donation yourself - because you like the challenge, or have found this site useful over the year just click on the donation box..

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