Monday, December 29, 2014

Xmas Challenge 5: Photographs by Percy Landon of Watford

Xmas 2014 Challenge - "Rules" - Link to Bigger Picture

An unknown soldier - but at least the cap badge should be identifiable. There is a message on the back in very poor handwriting - could this be a clue? Apart from the date (January 14th 1916) what does it say? This photograph, and the one below, were taken by Percy Landon of Watford.
Group, mainly ladies, circa 1910
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In addition there are a number of other group photographs taken by Percy Landon including two football teams. All sensible suggestions (or dateable examples of Percy's work wiil attract a donation.  And of course if you want to make a donation yourself - because you like the challenge, or have found this site useful over the year just click on the donation box.

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