Sunday, December 28, 2014

An Unwanted Visitor to the Newsletter/Blog

Most of the time the right hand column of this newsletter contains a list of the most popular posts but sometimes this gets distorted by cyber criminals.

In the last week two of my posts have been viewed by a "visitor" from France. A typical visit has consisted of about 25 page views of the post about Thridgould (the post card publisher) within less than one minute. There is then a few minutes gap followed by about 30 views of the Whempstead school site - again in less than a minute. There have been at least 3 such twin attacks in the last week. These are clearly automated and the aim is undoubtedly to get me to investigate - and persuade me to visit the criminal web site which is generating such statistics. My reaction in such cases is simply to "delete" the targeted posts for a few weeks and later restore them - as the relevant information (on Whempstead and Thridgould in this case)  is still on the main web site.

If you run a blog, or similar site, and get some "unusual" statistics - just take care - there my be a cyber criminal trying to break down your defenses.

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