Monday, December 1, 2014

November 2014 Activity - December Plans

The problem with November is that, having decided to cut back on the time I spent on the site (see End of October post) I obviously didn't cut back as there were more posts in November (28) than in any month so far this year! - And there are several more in the queue to appear shortly. Because the site was busy the number of page views, at 7000 in November, is satisfactory, and the number of visitors to the main site is on target to exceed 250,000 again this year.

Hertfordshire Countryside
As a result of too much time on the computer my plans for "downsizing my library" (a very large collection of research notes, correspondence, books, papers, post cards, etc.) have not progressed as far as they should - but I am currently  advertising an "archive" of 275 copies of the Hertfordshire Countryside magazines on ebay (No131364158116) at a starting price of 10p a copy (They typically sell at £1-2 each). If they sell they will clear a useful bit of space - and if they don't they will probably end up in the waste paper collection as I need the space. I may sell off some other Hertfordshire items (books, booklets, post cards, etc.) over the next few weeks.

Help Desk
So my plan for December is to not start any new research projects - and while there will be a number of posts they will be on subjects where I have already done the research - or will be quickies of one kind or another. The "Ask Chris" help desk will not be closed - but most December queries will join a queue to be considered for action in the New Year.

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