Tuesday, December 30, 2014

XMAS Challenge 6: The Training Reserve Battalions

Xmas Challenge 5: Photographs by Percy Landon of Watford

Xmas 2014 Challenge - "Rules" - Link to Bigger Picture

In the Autumn of 1916 the way troops were trained was changes. Previously new recruits were allocated to on on the existing regiments, but the new arrangement was to have Training Reserve Battalions and the men were only allocated to regiments when their training was complete.  The picture here is the 20 Platoon, F Company,  22nd T.R.B. and was taken by L. L. Christmas, of St Albans. Most of the men in this photograph are wearing the General Service cap badge - but six in the middle of the 2nd row are wearing distinctive cap badges.  

The second photo shows orderlies of the 23rd. T.R.B., also taken by L. L. Christmas.

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The immediate challenge is to identify the distinctive cap badges of the men in the first picture Every one you guess commits me to a further £5.00 donation. However what I would really like are more examples of the units that were active in the St Albans area after September 1916. 

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