Sunday, August 19, 2012

Churchwarden's Accounts (a Welwyn example)

When they survive the Churchwarden's account books can tell you a lot about what was happening in the village at the time, often mentioning many names.  I have posted details of 
which includes items such as
 "These are to certify to whom it may concerne that Ann Harper of the parish of Welwynne in Hertfordshire supposed to be troubled with the disease commonly called the King's Evil hath not (that we know of or ever heard) bin at any time touched by the King's Majesty to the intent to be healed of that disease. Witness our handes & seales this 23rd of March, 1683."
 Collected then for the church of St Alban's in Hertfordshire 16s from persons hereafter names to wit of Gabriel Towerson, Rector 5s, Dr. Luke Eales 5s, John Wilshire 6d, Robert Watkyns6d, Mrs. Vaughan 1s, Mrs. Hester Mead 6d, George Lavigton 6d, Jonathan Wacket 6d, Edw. Rhowgan 6d, Robert Gun 6d, John Twidal 6d, Mrs. Halsey 1s, Total (with 1s received afterwards) 17s. The whole paid by Mr. Halsey to Thomas Juice May 2, 1682.
There is also a much longer list of names of people who contributed to the fund raised to repair the church when the steeple fell down,
Have a look at what this one contains - and it is always worth checking to see what old account books survive for the parishes you are interested in.  You never know what will turn up! The only record I have for the birth of one of my ancestors is a payment made following the birth in an overseer's account book for the mother's "lying in month"

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