Monday, August 20, 2012

Drowning Accident - William Williams of Cheshunt - obit 1782

A typical 18th centure

In silence here beneath a youth is laid
By whom the sports of nature were survey'd
With ravished breast o'er meads he did pursue
The started hare which o'er the landskip flew
By which pursuit his heart oprest with heat
Plung'd in the stream which nature thought so sweet
But now the stream a change to nature gave
And plung'd this youth deep in the silent grave.

An epitaph from Cheshunt recorded in Cream of Curiosity

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    Thomas Nash. Ob. 1797
    Here lyeth one that had several Brothers
    And he was kind unto some others
    Part of his wealth he gave away,
    And for his cloaths his Brothers this Rail do pay.


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