Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keeping up to date on the picture front

I have just had a reminder that none of us are getting younger -  my free bus pass is due for renewal - and I needed a new passport style photograph. I could do it online - as long as I could provide a suitable digital photograph. 

So this is the result of a do-it-yourself exercise. The plain background was simple - the walls of our wet room are white tiles from floor to ceiling - and the camera was happy focusing if I help it at arm's length pointing it back at my face. After several shots where I lost the top of my head I suddenly realized the trick. If I stood one particular spot I could see the back of the camera in the mirror on the opposite wall - so could check that my head was in an appropriate position before I pressed the shutter! A dozen quick shots and then choose the best ...O.K. I will never be body beautiful but this is a better likeness than the old one.

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