Friday, August 31, 2012

I didn't Flog It at Ashridge

Paul Martin examining an antique at Ashridge
Having posted details of Flog It coming to Ashridge I had to go and take something interesting to be valued. I arrived at Ashridge shortly after ten and took a seat at the back of the library and for the next five and a half hours played a kind of musical chairs in that every time the person at the head of the queue was seen by a valuer everyone moved along a chair. In fact it was all quite civilized and it was possible to get up and stretch ones legs and get a cup of coffee and a cake - which is when I took the above picture of Paul Martin doing an interview sitting at the bottom of the stairs.

Paul Martin talking to people in the queue

The problem was what to take to be valued and possibly sold. I decided to take a couple of really old local history books - but of course I couldn't part with any of my Hertfordshire books. I selected an 17th century first edition (rebound in the 20th century)  while the other was a 18th century reprint (in top quality 19th century bindings) by a 16th century historian. The valuer took one look at them - and pointed out, undoubtedly correctly, that it was inappropriate to sell such excellent specialist interest items in a general sale in Hertfordshire, as they were likely to fetch much higher prices if sold in the area they described. So you will not be seeing me on the program when it appears on the T.V. later this year.

Out of interest - were any readers of this Newsletter at Ashridge for the valuation - and if so did you have any better luck!
My books being valued

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