Monday, August 27, 2012

Old Family Photos can tell a story

About a month ago Barbara contacted me about a collection of old family pictures, many taken by J. T. Newman of Berkhamsted. She then sent me digitally copies of some of the photographs - including the backs where relevant. 

I have now sorted them out - and they provide some useful information relating to the the Piggott photographers, and also the formats of pictures taken by James Newman. The family pictures, with date information is on the Newman CDV & Newman Family pages.
This photograph of the Biggs family was dated to approximately 1905 when it was realized that the "Pollie" referred to on the backs of some of the photographs was Mary Biggs - "Polly" being a common nickname for "Mary". I then found the marriage to Alfred Bernhard Cooper - and the children (apart from the infant) were found in the 1901 Scotland census. A check with the Scotland births for the infant should tighten up the date more accurately. This not only fills in details of the family but also helps to date the type of mount J T Newman - which could make dating other photographs easier.

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