Monday, August 27, 2012

A Relaxing Sunday Lunch - and plans for September

A relaxing day yesterday with members of the family. We arranged to meet at the Duke of Cumberland, Henley, Sussex, for a traditional Sunday lunch. You need to book in advance as they cook a generously sized beef on the bone joint for each party and you carve it yourself. It was a most enjoyable meal, in pleasant rural surroundings.and I can highly recommend it.

A month ago I warned that I might spend more time watching the Olympics and other activities and would have less time to spend on this site.  Well I enjoyed the Games and still managed to spend quite a bit of time (too much!) on this web site and blog

 I am now looking forward to the Paralympics, which start for me late on Tuesday night as the flame leaves the Stoke Mandeville Stadium (where the idea of sports for the disabled originated) and passes near to where I live shortly before midnight on its way to the stadium for the opening on Wednesday evening. In the next few weeks I expect to have two minor operations in the local hospital - and we are also entertaining a visitor from Australia during September. This means that the combined office tidy and "clear the spare bedroom" campaign which I did not complete in August now takes a on a much higher priority. 

Over the last dozen years of so I have built up a useful reference collection of Hertfordshire material, much of which was brought on ebay - and initially was funded by selling of other material (such as the caving books which I had brought over 50 years ago). One side effect of the office tidy is that I have already assembled a pile of duplicate or unwanted books, post cards, etc. which are surplus to requirements, and there is an even bigger pile of material waiting the absorbed into the collection and/or reported on the web site. I have decided I can no longer afford to buy more material for my Hertfordshire reference collection until I raise some money selling off unwanted items and cleared some of the backlog. I have therefore restarted selling on ebay - under the name Chris_in_Hertfordshire - and items on sale will usually contain some items related to Hertfordshire.

What all this means is that there may be some gaps in posting to this blog, in updating this web site, and in replying to emails during September. However please continue to tell me of anything new - such as Hertfordshire related books, booklets, web sites, etc., as otherwise I might miss seeing them.

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