Friday, August 1, 2014

A brief report on July 2014

As mentioned last month I was cutting back on my genealogy and local history activities over the summer - and while I have spent much less time on new updates and answering queries the site has continued to operate with only a small decrease in the number of visitors (5,737). So while I would like to have had time to post much more, particularly relating to the outbreak of the First World War I feel things have continued to tick over nicely.

Part of the time released has been spent on my other blog Trapped by the Box, and this has been going well and the number of visitors in July was well over 2000, virtually double the previous high, and I have also been getting more, and very useful, comments. I felt it would be useful to add a bit of variety and have introduced a "Wednesday Science Limerick" where I write a limerick on some scientific topic, and support it with some of the background science. 

In the past I have been posting "Rural Relaxation" posts somewhat irregularly on one blog or the other -and in future these posts will be duplicated on both blogs. In future I will post a "Rural Relaxation" on College Lake at the end of each month in memory of the late Graham Atkins (who was the power behind creating this wonderful nature reserve) and at least one other on some other rural area during the month.

Finally two months ago I posted a limerick I'm supposed to be counting calories and I can report that more rural walks (including some up and down the Chiltern escarpment), a weekly swim (42 length last week) and a better diet mean that my doctor was pleased to learn that I had lost  6 kg. 

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  1. Glad you are balancing the blog and leisure more. But still love the blog.


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