Saturday, January 19, 2013

Advice for Students using this web site

Chris - the resident genealogist
I often get queries from students who are doing projects and my policy is that if a student shows the initiative to ask someone with relevant knowledge and experience a sensible question this is fine by me. I consider that students should learn to use the best sources - and this includes asking and then citing experts. However it is always important to cite your sources, including verbal ones, in your project report . If material is quoted from my site, or my correspondence, in a way that makes it clear that the source was me or my site, I will be happy to support the student in any inquiry by the examiners. (But of course - if you dishonestly  pass off other people's work as your own ...)

[For the record - prior to taking early retirement my duties included being the senior tutor responsible for overseeing the work of other staff who in turned were supervising some 50 undergraduate and 10 postgraduate projects a year - although admittedly these were not in History.]

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