Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hertfordshire (and other) Books on ebay

Over the years I have built up a large library of reference books and local histories relating to Hertfordshire - originally funded by selling of other collections from my younger years - such as my books on caving! In recent years I have been too busy to put duplicate and other unwanted books up for sale and have been subsidising the library out of my pension.  I still have many many hundred of books to sell (including some Hertfordshire duplicates) and had planned to restart selling again this year - to reduce quite a large "leak" from my pension.

One of the books on sale on ebay
However a crisis has occurred. On Saturday I noticed several piles of boxes of books in our local auction rooms which included quite a few from Hertfordshire (especially St Albans). As there was very little interest I foolishly bid - which means I have an urgent storage problem! Not only have I got new titles for my reference library - but I have more Hertfordshire duplicates -and have decided to start selling on ebay again. To my delight the boxes obviously came from a collector who had some similar interests to my own. Of course there was some complete rubbish (already on its way to the dump) and many attractive modern non-fiction books in near mint condition (9 bags full already for distribution around the local charities shops) There are also some interesting collectible items which I am thinking of selling to recover some of my library expenditure over the last year.

So far I have posted a number of items for sale on ebay UK (I am Chris_from_Hertfordshire). I started with some of the St Albans duplicates and plan to post half a dozen items a day (half related to Hertfordshire) over the coming months.

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