Monday, January 21, 2013

Authorities release details of criminals seen at work in Tring

Old News
Have you seen these two criminals?
The Man is of a middle Age and Size, a little pitted with the Small Pox; has on a dark-coulour'd close-body'd Great Coat with a large Cape, and a small Velvet Collar, and looks like a Farmer. The Woman is disfigur'd in the Face, having a large black Patch over her Nose a bad Utterance, and gives Suck to a Child.
continued ...
In February I am giving a talk to a Tring U3A group on using old newspapers for family history research. As the talk is in Tring I have decided to use examples relating to Tring, many from the British Newspaper Archives. So please excuse me if many of the posts over the next couple of weeks relate to old news about Tring.

Today's cutting is from the Oxford Journal of 1754 - when three Hertfordshire were published together. The first relates to the shooting and killing of a footpad near Baldock. The second relates to a man who was robbed and killed near Rickmansworth. The final one relates to a fraud, involving the above couple, and a number of gullible people in Tring who generously donated to "charity."

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