Friday, January 18, 2013

Some people were always on the move ... but why?

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In the past most people lived in or near one place for all their lives - but it is important to realise that some were pretty mobile because of their work. Cindy had a simple question "Who was the Thomas Whitehouse this clock presented to?" and I was able to track down Thomas.

What is of interest here are the locations where Thomas turns up. He was born in Staffordshire in 1856/7 and by 1861 his parents had moved to Worcestershire but he was with his grandparents in Carmarthenshire.  In 1871 he was with his parents in Warwickshire and in 1881 he was in Gloucestershire. He married in the Dudley area in 1884 (Worcestershire/Staffordshire) but by 1885 he was living in BaldockHertfordshire, where the clock was presented in 1890. However before the 1891 census he had moved to Norfolk where he stayed for a few years before moving to Staffordshire in time for the 1901 census, and then on to Lincolnshire for the 1911 census.  He had moved on (location not yet determined) by 1919.  He eventually died in Dorset in 1942. In each case from 1885 he seems to have had a fixed address and lived and worked there, with his family, for several years before moving on.

Can you work out what his occupation might have been before looking at Whitehouse, Baldock, 1885-1890 to find out.

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