Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Did your ancestor have an unusual occupation?

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Fisher's Spelling Dictionary of 1777
I have recently discovered the Online Dictionary of Old Occupations  run by Jane Hewitt on her Family Tree Researcher web site. It not only has some 2000 occupations listed but if you know of an occupation she has not got she will add it to the list.

However it gave me an idea for a different list of occupations. I have a pocket dictionary from 1777 which contains 18th century definitions of 18th century words - many of which relate to occupations. I have started extracting the relevant definitions - see 1777 Dictionary (so far only the letter "A" but if people let me know that they are interested I will post more.)

I can also do look up of words n the dictionary ... and if you can quote the sentence you found the word in  (and give its source and date) so much the better

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  1. Might that elusive name (Zigher, Tigher) be Elijah? There is a BMD record from Cosgrove Suffolk in 1893 (RD includes Bildeston). Even better a WWI service record stating Israel Loveridge, Father, to be next of kin. Anthony


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