Monday, January 14, 2013

Rural Relaxation: Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Greater Spotted Woodpecker
While I have been on some most enjoyable country walks recently, and taken many pictures with my Canon Powershot SX40  HS, I have been too busy to sort them out and post the better ones online.

This one is a cheat. I was working in the kitchen - and the only walking I did was to go into the hall to grab the camera. I kept well back from the window to avoid frightening it off and the feeder was hanging from a tree some 10 metres away. The camera worked well - with hand-held shots on high zoom.  O.K. not every shot was perfect - for instance in a few the camera focused on the background. It also turned out that if the woodpecker was in the act of pecking its head was moving so fast it was slightly blurred. However I got a number of excellent pictures and am delighted with the results.

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