Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sorting out Family Events - The Hill Family of Hitchin

Family Events
So you have a common name, and pieces missing from your family tree, and you can't identify some of the gaps? 

Roger had this problem with the wives and children of William Hill of Hitchin - and the approach I advised of drawing up a time line of family events and looking at a wide variety of sources may help in your case as well. 

In this case it raises questions such as "Deaths for Sarah Hill and Caroline Hill were registered on the same page of the Hitchin death register - so was Sarah the mother of Caroline, and were both carried off within days by the same infectious illness?" Your ancestor may not have been called Hill, or lived in Hitchin, but reading Hill, Hitchin, 1841-1851 may give you some ideas about how to solve your own family problem.

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